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Why You Should Learn Spanish


You’re probably visiting my site because you have decided you want to learn Spanish and try to take the best and easiest path forward to learning this incredible language. You have made a sage choice to learn Spanish. The Spanish language is spoken by over 500 million people worldwide as either their primary language. It is second only to Mandarin Chinese with the number of native speakers. Spanish is also the official language in  more than 20 countries, and it is the 2nd most popular language learned in the United States.




Spanish, also known as Castillan, is a Romance language that began in the Castile region of Spain and was first documented in the 9th century. The written standard of Spanish was developed in the 13th century. Starting in the 16th century, Spanish was taken to America, where it has flourished.

 Start Learning Spanish Today


There are a variety of dialects spoken in various regions of Spain as well as in the Americas. The idiom with the most Spanish speakers is Mexican Spanish. Most Spanish speakers can recognize other Spanish dialects, but some everyday street language can be taken as offensive in the Americas. But you can read more about that on Wikipedia.


Learning Spanish as a second language will benefit you greatly. If you travel abroad, you’ll be able to fit in nicely with the locals and communicate efficiently. Are you working in the southwest United States? If you are bilingual in English and Spanish, you will take the lead in getting a job that serves both the English and Spanish speaking communities. If you want to get a job overseas, you can use your Spanish speaking ability to land a nice gig. Want to purchase a vacation property down in Mexico or Costa Rica or do business with Spanish speaking business people? Spanish will get you further down that road as well.


There is much reason why you should pick up Spanish as a second or third language. The earlier you begin to learn, the easier it will be. And if you have kids, get them going on learning Spanish as well. It’s great to learn Spanish as a family and speak it around the home so everyone can pick up the vocabulary easier. I’ll be writing some more about the best ways to learn Spanish in future blog posts, so have a look around and let me know what you think and what could be improved.




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